Perfect service.
Perfect equipment.

The Silvretta Sports benefits

Top Service

in the largest service center in the entire Alpine region.

Drop-off option

at all of our 5 locations in Ischgl.

All in one

Improvement of turning characteristics, optimum edge grip, and increased safety

Professional & fast

Drop off your skis or snowboards the day before. We perform the service overnight so that you can get your equipment back the next day in best quality.


Special offer on the Idalp

perfect service while you enjoy a coffee break.

At the Idalp you have the unique opportunity to have an express service. The express service includes waxing, plane grinding and side edge grinding for skis. We can also apply a new layer of wax to your snowboard using infrared technology. And you are ready for the next rapid descent.

of Service

Work steps

Stone grinding

The base lining is finely ground and structured. In the automatic grinding machine, the repaired lining is ground until it is completely flat and free of fibers. It is then structured to give it optimum sliding properties.

Edge sharpening

The edges are ground precisely (88°) from the side to ensure secure edge grip and optimum carving properties. The edges are ground at a precisely defined angle over the entire length.

Edge tuning

The underside of the edges is prepared (tuning). During tuning, the burr created during the grinding process is removed. At the same time, the edge is ground and polished to a precisely defined angle.


The base lining is waxed and polished. An application of hot wax boosts the gliding properties of the structured base lining and protects it from drying out. The edges are protected from rust.


Our prices


Waxing Express service Full service
€13 €34 €46

Snowboard service

Waxing Express service Full service
€18 €44 €58

The next winter is sure to come!

At the moment, all the pointers are pointing to summer. You will find the updated prices and latest ski models for the 2024/25 winter season here from fall 2024.